Recently I attending and participated in a Medium Format event tonight with Capture Integration hosted by Zack Arias at his Atlanta studio. From using the Medium Format Digital Backs, wow the image quality is spectacular and so is the sharpness!

I’m extremely impressed by how the Medium Format Backs handle reds, especially compared to the D700. The reds are more deeply saturated without getting too bright.
I also included a few D700 images for comparison. Compare the full sized D700 images to the full sized IQ180 images and the magnification and clarity is huge between the two. Be warmed these files are HUGE!

Full sized images. All exif data intact and photos are untouched.
The IQ180 80MP – The sensor alone cost $43,990, you attach the sensor yourself to the back of the camera, and the lens and camera body comes out to just over $50,000.

Let’s start with the Phase One IQ180 Digital Back. The body I believe we were using was the Phase One 645D.

IQ180 80 MegaPixel Digital Back Male Portrait

Full Resolution image:

Portrait of Hope using IQ180

Full Resolution:

IQ180 Hope Medium Format Portrait

Full Resolution:

Now time for the Nikon D700.

D700 Portrait of Hope

Full Resolution:

D700 portrait 12 MegaPixels

Full Resolution:

Phase One P65+ 60 MegaPixels

3 images stitched by manually shifting the sensor, The sensor is on a rail that you can slide from left to right. It was a fully mechanical camera, in that you had to wind the camera after each shot and reset the lens spring also. Then there was a digital sensor attached to the back of it.

Stitched Macro Shot using the P65+ Digital Back

Full Resolution:

Fully manual camera with a digital a sensor.

Me as shot on the IQ180. Hey, I can now say I have a medium format picture of me!

Robert Bromfield Phase One IQ180

This is sensor for the Phase One IQ180. As you can see, it’s massive and costs $43,990!

Massive sensor of the Phase One IQ180

A few of the Medium Format cameras that were available to shoot that night.

Medium Format Cameras

We shot the Phase One IQ180 and D700 images using the Profoto Giant Parabolic Reflector. $7,999 as you can see photography equipment can be expensive. The reflector provided really nice soft light that lit the model Hope quite evenly and you can even stand in front of it without casting a shadow on your subject.

Profoto Giant Parabolic Reflector

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